Grilling as a cooking method is the modern form of smoking. In the ancient times where technology and industrialization had not reached the current milestone, the smoking food was the main technique used in cooking meals. The old appreciate the flavor and the taste of the food, the new generation feels it is a primitive method of cooking and prefer the modern method not knowing the science behind the food preparation is still the same.

In the ancient times, charcoal and wood were the main sources of energy for the smoker. The smoker was a simple pan where charcoal was placed and a grill placed right above the heat source for the food to cook from a distance and away from direct heat, which could lead to burning. The early man who lived in the caves was creative enough to make a smoker from the three stones and a metallic plate to place the food ready for cooking. The heat and temperature were not regulated but they were intelligent enough and used their strong sense of smell to regulate and know when the food is ready or not.

In the pre-colonial era, light industries came into existence and heavy metallic pans now replaced the stones, the grill made from metal still they had to use wood or charcoal. The low world population and thick vegetation were a perfect environment to get charcoal and wood fuel without the fear of climate change due to disruption of the hydrological cycle responsible for constant rainfall and good weather for agriculture.

Industrialization era saw an upgraded version of the metallic pans and wood pellet cookers to a more developed form. The main reason for this is the developer wanted to have an experience of grilled food, at the comfort of their homes. In fact, this is the era where houses now had a design of a fireplace in the sitting room for this purpose. In this era, manufacturers developed various kinds of smokers to meet the growing demand for grilled meals as well as the taste of class and style in the kitchen department.

Charcoal and wood smokers( were still taking center stage but a more upgraded version of the same. They were now made of lightweight metallic substance to allow portability and flexibility in handling the smokers. They also had a chimney where smoke could be ejected out; efficient for indoor use. The main advantage of the old smokers was the availability of wood as a source of energy; otherwise, it had many disadvantages which include:

  • You could only use it when the weather was conduciveImage result for ancient times, charcoal and wood were the main sources of energy for the smoker
  • The level of hygiene was compromised
  • The user had to constantly keep watch of the food, to avoid overcooking or burning
  • Regulation of temperature was poor
  • It needed creativity and innovation to ensure the meal was perfect

We cannot completely say the old smokers were not the best, they were the best during that time based on the level of technology and industrialization. Currently, the same technology is used but the forms of smokers have improved because of availability of more sources of energy.