Ironing is a life skill essential for all men and women. It makes you neat and tidy and also save time removing clothes wrinkles. It also makes you classy and professional. You do not want to meet an interviewee with a creased cloth; a first impression is a disorganized person who does not care about herself. Who cannot be trusted with responsibility? The first iron box used charcoal as the source of power while the current uses an iron steamer. The idea behind ironing is passing hot air on the clothes to make the fabric straighten. Not all fabric are ironed that is why clothing labels are there attached on clothes for ironing care instructions because not all are gentle on fabric.

In this article, we will compare the features of the two types of ironing

Source of power

Traditional ironing used an iron box with charcoal and coconut shells. Once they heat up they are placed inside the iron box which has holes for oxygen supply- oxygen supports burning. The lower part of the iron box is made of heavy metal which does not rust and easily cleaned to avoid rust from staining the clothes. Comparatively, the modern ironing uses a steam iron with electricity as the source of power. The system is automated with a thermostat inbuilt in the iron steamer iron box to regulate the heat to suit every fabric.

Size and portability

The old iron box was heavy because of the heavy metal used and the wooden handle makes it weighty to use in as much as it is portable. The iron steamer is made of metal only at the bottom end, which comes into contact with the clothing. The rest is either heat proof plastic and colored. It is not a good insulator of heat otherwise, it will not be able to be handled because of excess heat.


The old metal required great care to avoid contact with water which results into rusting of the metal; Otherwise, it does not require cleaning. In case there is a stain on the bottom when a cloth sticks at the bottom, part due to excess heat, you can use a metal and rub it, the friction removes it. Other stains naturally get off because of the heat.  You will find steamer products do not need any cleaning.

Cooling features

The iron steamer has an inbuilt heat regulator controlled by a knob, while the charcoal iron box has no automated heat regulator, in case the heat is too much for the fabric, you have to remove some hot charcoal, if it’s too low you add and wait for it to heat up  the continue with the ironing. The traditional ironing method was cumbersome.

Both the modern and traditional ironing share some similarities. You have to place a thick fabric beneath the cloth to offer support and prevent excess heat from coming into contact with the furniture. In addition, they all has one aim of straightening clothes and removing creases.

The current ironing method is simple, easier and faster. Although traditional ironing methods are still in existence in areas, where there is no supply of electricity.